Accidents are a nightmare, but the repair process does not have to be. Global Auto Collision, also known as (global tech collision) is a highly passionate repair facility that has remained open solely on customer satisfaction. We believe in the importance of our customers, and the importance of quality work!


Your car is the second largest investment you’re likely to make, protect its value by having it repaired at Global Auto. With us, you can be assured that your vehicle will be treated with the same care and expertise as our very own.

Global Auto has two facilities in the heart of Burlington to serve you better. We are fully equipped with the latest technology in the industry to complete the finest repairs and deliver the best quality of work. A lifetime warranty is also provided on all repairs and paint jobs for all vehicles that enter our facilities; with a guaranteed smile on our customer's face.


Our areas of expertise revolve around the structural and cosmetic repairs of all makes and models.



Auto Body

Most automotive plastics such as bumper covers are made of plastics such as polypropylene, TPO, etc. The majority of bumper cover damages on today’s vehicles are repairable, as we are confident with our trained technicians' ability to repair them! Knowing the difference can save you hundreds of dollars, don't just replace parts without talking to us first.

Bumpers / Plastics, Fibreglass, SMC Components

Sheet Metal Repairs

Remarkable advances have been made in the auto body and collision repair industry. Depending on the extent of damage; Both Aluminum and Steel panels can be repaired to perfection. Whether you got into a fender bender, or just noticed rust/corrosion surfacing on any panel; Global Auto Collision can remove the damage and return your vehicle looking brand new!

We repair rust on all makes and models to the highest standards in the industry.  Whether your vehicle has an ugly rust hole or just some surface corrosion, our facility can take it on!

Rust Repairs

When a vehicle has been in a serious collision, structural damage may occur. Repairs require measurement-specifications, a frame wrack and a licensed trained professional to ensure the vehicle is returned to its proper dimensions. Global Auto Collision works closely with vehicle manufacturers, as we guarantee to return the vehicle to manufacture standards.

Structural & Frame Repairs

Painting a vehicle is usually the last repair process before reassembly, as well as our free courtesy clean up. Global Auto uses computerized colour matching to return a vehicle to its original luscious finish. All vehicles are prepped and painted in our state of the art prep stations and paint booth; allowing us to duplicate the refinish on your vehicle to factory standards.


Ask us about our rim custom and factory finishes!

Paint & Refinishing

Have you ever had your car polished and then noticed swirl marks all over your vehicle? You can be assured to never experience that frustration with us. Our professional staff can help you determine if a scratch requires paint repairs or if it can be polished out. All vehicles repaired at Global Auto receive a complimentary interior/exterior wash, touch ups and oil spray.

Detail & Polishing


Replacing parts on a vehicle is often required when damages are beyond repair. Our clients have the option of choosing from OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Recycled or after market. All parts are thoroughly inspected by our technicians to ensure our warranty. Our friendly staff await you in the office for professional advice on your vehicle needs.

1201 Fairview St

Burlington, Ontario